ovocitos no fecundados en fiv


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Hola chicas, ayer por la mañana me hicieron la primera punción ovárica.
Me sacaron 3 ovocitos maduros y esta mañana me a llamado el biólogo y me a dicho que ninguno a llegado a fecundar. La verdad es que me a entrado el bajón y tristeza aunque se que es nuestro primer intento y aun nos quedan dos mas.
Alguna de vosotras os a pasado?si es así os agradecería que me explicarais vuestra experiencia.
Un saludo.


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Buenos días. Quiero apoyarse. La comprendo muy bien - cuando esperas este milagro, cuando haces tanto por el nacimiento de un bebé, cuando lo vives y crees que esta vez todo saldrá bien, pero recibirás una respuesta negativa y estás listo para caer en la desesperación, recuerda que no puedes parar y tienes que ir hacia tu meta a través del fracaso. Tener un hijo es una gran alegría, no se da a todos, por lo tanto, vale la pena luchar por esta alegría. Vi todo el proceso de la lucha por la posesión de hijos: mi buena amiga no pudo quedar embarazada durante muchos años, y solo a los 40 años se convirtió en madre de gemelos. Para eso, tenía que someterse a una terapia hormonal, estaba constantemente de mal humor, describía su condición como la locura, estaba muy delgada, a algunas mujeres engordan por el contrario. Tuvo un intento fallido de FIV, pero no se rindió y esto significó nuevamente una terapia hormonal dolorosa. Se salió con la suya y ahora es la feliz madre de los niños! Ella podía hacerlo personalmente, pero sé que estaba lista para recurrir a la maternidad subrogada madre e incluso se eligió un servicio https://www.mother-surrogate.com/providing-egg-donor-candidates.php Ella discutió la donación de óvulos. Pero ella dijo que estaba completamente preparada para la maternidad subrogada, si no sucede nada. Afortunadamente, ella es una mujer muy fuerte y persistente, estoy muy feliz por ella, aunque tuvo que ir por el camino difícil. ¡Deseo que no se rinda y vaya a su objetivo de ninguna manera! Por cierto, ¿cómo se siente acerca de la maternidad subrogada?


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I come to find people who think like me. Can talk easily


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For sure, lainfertilidad.com isn't a perfect place to share my equestrian hobby, but I have to start somewhere, so I thought that "https://www.lainfertilidad.com/foros/general-de-infertilidad/1/" category will be ok.
<p>Horse rugs are a confusing

Thing for many riders.  Some riders don't feel the necessity to use them and
consider them an unnecessary attachment, though some cannot imagine functioning
without them.  What is the truth?  In case you choose to use a rug, which would be
suitable for your horse?  </p><p>It's true that within their
Natural habitat, horses do just fine with no conveniences as rugs.  But,
we must be aware that horses functioning in horse riding do not possess the same
functioning circumstances since the horses residing in their natural habitat.  To start with, horses training below the saddle are usually shaven, which damages
their natural protective layer against low temperatures.  Most time when it's
cold outside, these horses invest inside, where they're not subject to low
temperatures.  The matter of a different diet is essential.  This is precisely why we cannot expect them to possess the immunity their free brothers possess.  While
altering the horses' habits and surroundings, we will need to provide them with
protection from the negative ramifications of e.g. weather.  For that very reason we've got various kinds of carpeting.  Which kind would be useful for your horse and
if to use it?  We will try to describe that.  </p>

<strong>In shops it is possible to encounter these kinds of rugs:</strong>

<ol><li>Training --  this type of rug is put on together with a
     saddle.  It will be ideal for colder days.  We should mention that
     training together should not be too exhausting, as your horse could have trouble with losing heat excess from the body.   </li><li>Dry -- normally made of fleece another material with moisture-absorbing properties.  This type of rugs is generally used after instruction so as to dry the horse.  In shops, you can locate them as
     fleece carpeting.    They
     should protect the horse from cooling too far, but at precisely the exact same time they
     don't block air circulation, so the horse does not sweat.  To be used in stalls.    It will protect
     your horse against the wind and rain.  Made of materials easy to wash.    This kind of rug is ideal for paddocks on rainy days.
      Mostly they're made to be as watertight as possible.    Usually made of mesh material.  This kind of a rug is super helpful in summer time, where horses are particularly subject to insects' bites of all
     kinds.   </li><li>Winter --
     carpets using cushioning.  To be utilized on a paddock
     or in a non-heated secure.  Usually it's possible to choose from a couple
     of thickness of cushioning for a single version.   </li><li>Shipping -- to be utilized to protect the horse
     during transportation.   </li></ol>

<p>Another thing would be to adjust the
Appropriate length.  Namely, the way to choose proper dimensions for our horse.  Particular producers have different size markers.   There is a rule where for units of duration is the duration of the rug on the horse's back.  This value is crucial for deciding on the proper size.   E.g. a well-known manufacturer of equestrian equipment Eskadron says
S = 125 cm, M = 135 cm, L = 145 cm, etc..  Obviously, it's best when you can
have a look at a chart when all of the rug's dimensions are mentioned.  Then you
can be sure a given size will fit your horse properly.  </p>

<p>As you can
See, by using good rug you can assist your horse in managing unpleasant
Weather, insects, or shield him during transportation.  Additionally, You shouldn't overdo
The entire carpet item.  If you use them if they are not required, you can disturb
 But You Have to remember
That with no rug when the weather is poor, you endanger your horse e.g. into a
Higher chance of catching a cold.</p> 

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